DashBoardPortfolio Guard is a proprietary portfolio monitoring program developed to assist plan sponsors in carrying out their fiduciary duties to prudently manage plan assets for the benefit of plan beneficiaries. It allows plan sponsors to quickly identify losses in the investment portfolio resulting from corporate malfeasance.

Once a fund’s holdings are linked to Portfolio Guard, the system monitors the holdings in real-time, providing your designated users with information on the investment performance, litigation that may affect the fund, and potential settlement recoveries to which the fund is entitled to participate.

Using the latest encryption and security technologies, Portfolio Guard offers a safe and secure extranet for your users to obtain direct access to information about the portfolio. After logging in to the fund’s dashboard, your designated users can easily view recent News and Litigation Activity directly related to the fund’s holdings. Each line links to stories from trusted sources around the web, and is updated daily so you may stay up-to-date with news, litigation, and settlements that may impact the portfolio.