• Portfolio Guard
    “It is clear of the dedication, devotion, professionalism and in the court’s view efficiency of these firms…there is no question…of the quality of representation.”
    - U.S. District Court Judge, Southern District of New York

Portfolio Guard

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    Portfolio Guard provides a new approach to institutional fund monitoring. Girard Gibbs will work with your custodial bank to gain access your trade and holdings data.

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    New Actions

    Portfolio Guard monitors your fund’s holdings in real time and updates each time a case involving your holdings is filed. By visiting the New Actions tab, users may access the complaint documents, a brief case summary, and your portfolio’s losses.

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    Portfolio Guard’s Reports tab allows you to access the summaries and reports that Girard Gibbs’ Securities Litigation Team prepares for your benefit.

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    When a case involving your holdings settles, you may visit Portfolio Guard’s Settlements tab to learn how the settlement will impact your holdings.

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    International Actions

    Portfolio Guard also collects data from international sources, allowing you to stay abreast of any cases abroad. Girard Gibbs’ Securities Litigation will provide your fund with the information it needs to determine if direct involvement in an international action serves your interests.

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