What Courts & Clients Are Saying

“I’ve always found them to be extraordinary counsel in terms of their preparation and their professionalism.”
District Judge, Southern District of Illinois

“Class counsel in this case possesses great competence and experience, and the result reached perfectly exemplifies its abilities. The Court has been extremely impressed with the conduct, skill, and accomplishment of class counsel throughout this litigation.”
Senior U.S. District Court Judge, Northern District of Texas

“It is clear of the dedication, devotion, professionalism and in the court’s view efficiency of these firms…there is no question…of the quality of representation.”
U.S. District Court Judge, Southern District of New York

“The Court recognizes that class counsel assumed substantial risks and burdens in this litigation. Representation was professional and competent; in the Court’s opinion, counsel obtained an excellent result for the class.”
U.S. District Court Judge, Northern District of California

“Our board and staff have worked with Daniel Girard and the Girard Gibbs team for over a decade. They have been effective advocates for our system in and out of court. We look to them for advice that serves our long term interests.”
Laurie M., General Counsel for state retirement system

“The Girard Gibbs securities team handled our case efficiently and professionally. We were impressed with the firm’s ability to take on a tough case against a very sophisticated and well-funded opponent and achieve a favorable result.”
Sam S., Portfolio Manager for private investment partnership

“Girard Gibbs has been responsive to our litigation needs in all respects. They have advocated on our behalf at every turn. I have full confidence in the firm’s decisive but careful approach to litigation strategy.”
Lawrence and Miriam W., Girard Gibbs clients

“The representation Girard Gibbs has delivered has been excellent and has consistently exceeded my expectations. I have been impressed by the firm’s professionalism and results. They put my concerns first and go the extra mile to make sure I am aware of my options and understand the impact of our joint decisions.”
Ron P., Girard Gibbs client

“I could not ask for better representation than I have received from Girard Gibbs. They have been informative, detail-oriented and sensitive to my unique considerations. Lawyers would have better reputations if they were all like Girard Gibbs’ lawyers.”
Barbara M., Girard Gibbs client